Friday, 23 December 2016

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Images of women representing the 4 elements

The 4 Elements
A sketch, mixed with water colour pencils , soft pastels was brought into the digital world via photoshop to portray our 4 Elements , Air, Water, Fire and Earth. These images can also be purchased in multiple mediums on my website, see right. Thank you for stopping by,



Monday, 13 July 2015

Melancholy woman portraits for sale

I joined FAA because I like how they can custom frame my work with various mediums onto stretched canvas acrylic board and steel plated, Over the course of the past few years they have expanded their marketing world, it is now possible to have these images set as a pillow, tshirt, greeting cards, totebag, duvet cover, shower curtain and more.  Go take a peek at your options
Her name is Carrie she was caught in the crossfire of a large decision.
Daisy was commissioned by a womans shelter, she is on the cover of brochure advertising towards help for woman in need of protection at a treatment centre
Sleep Sally sleep, sleep with the spring, wake to renew again

Dusty Rose sings in the smoke at the club
Noone knew the truth, they didn't see, they didn't know and then she was gone
Scrabble the words believe for an imprint to come true

Lily could see everything even with her eyes closed

Lantern Fairy walks through streets at the mardi gras

Covered in dreams

Friday, 12 June 2015

Daisy a drawng portrait process

Inspiration comes and goes like the wind. I'm showing the process of Daisy starting from a pencil sketch, pencil crayons, conte soft oil pastels with some final delicate touches in photoshop. Daisy is on the website available in many mediums, she can be framed with a large selections of mats and colours, canvas, tshirts, coffee mugs, shower curtains and more. You can view Daisy by clicking the FAA link on the right. Thanks for visiting, leave a comment if you wish

I think she is finished, but I may go back to her hair, I like messy, but someone suggested I clean her hair up a bit. What do you think?

I call her Daisy, from Daisy in The Great Gatsby,

Monday, 8 December 2014

A few of my poems and art


The universe of your eyes,
as soft as rain
whispers heaven this night,
reeds that sway
then spirals sweet
back to home,
where comfort breathes no pain,

under stars,
stirs the unclaimed dove

a desire in untainted form
without regretful rooms that pain the heart
a spark,
a soul,
a lingered touch
closer still,
 and yet to part

lingered by movements
where ember sparks do rise
powers beyond my demise


Thin are the nights left behind
lingered thoughts perchance do creep
from days and nights,
saturated in you

My dreams shift and roll
I still remember, I can't forget
hunger opens my heart
a little nearer yet

I lay in a dream with you in flight
deep within a banked river wood
there my thoughts open your wings
musky scented
ring on spring
Sirens sometimes haunt me there
Winds my dizzy hair

My thoughts are sometimes far apart,
I think of us soul to heart
Waived by a spirit moon
Furled by sleep in my cacoon


We shall not speak of lost days 

or feel frozen stardust songs 

the bloom of the ice rose 

has just begun 

by winds

and more
A Suite to dream
in the calm of night
Voices serene


Here in the shady glen
where such things pass

Mesmerized with a silent hum
under the transparent night sky,
I recall her visions from long ago

Her eyes sparkle free and wild
emerald- dusted diamonds
Twinkling sensations

Her dazzling gifts and fiery grace
welcome a special midnight space
Her back bends on solar winds
Eternal wing-prints

She knows where the hidden things are
it's part of her instant radar
she knows how the stars turn blue
and which ones need to be rescued

Here in the shady glen
where they pass

kdp 2010 


How glad and strong
a strength can be
when secret grieve is gone
a fan, a flame, a sparks desire

Bend my shadow there,
shifts of  light and spell-bound air,
sips  in softness-this night
refrained  from past sight

There, a white spirit bear, watches us
shall it strive or fade unseen?
still-eyed, deep-eyed, so very dear
with kind sleep to bring me near

Kim Prowse ©
All rights reserved

This bear walks a forest trail with me, he is on the lower embankment, while I walk the upper trail. I used the photo in negative form to enhance the Spirit Bear because I have never seen a white bear, though I have dreamt of them at night in my sleep.